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kinect sensor

first post: hebaosama wrote: hi i want to ask if i can use your program to show what sensor tak...

Kinect SDK 1.6

first post: Dexteroid wrote: hi, I am running this thing on kinect SDK 1.6. I am getting foll...

Anyone updated this app to v1 sdk?

first post: lantonis wrote: Hey guys. This update to v1 caused a lot of problems as it seems. ...

Code Migration from Beta2 to v1.0

first post: burakersoy1903 wrote: Hi, The demo on youtube is awesome, but application could not work...


first post: minimalistic wrote: Please ask if there's something you need to know

latest post: JosiahStapleton wrote: Hello, this is very interesting project. I have one question though...

Love it!

first post: rymix wrote: Great tool which I'm sure will help many people.

Gesture Recognition Theory

first post: dingjianrui wrote: Hi minimalistic i got into the trouble about how to overla...

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